We are funded by the funding programs: TanzPakt Stadt, Land, Bund and TanzPakt Reconnect for the period 2022-2024. With this support, we are able to expand our team.


INTER-ACTIONS is more than a dance company:

We are a small team consisting of Edan Gorlicki (artistic director and choreographer), Eva-Maria Steinel (dramaturg) and Sarah Thöle (management & cooperation). INTER-ACTIONS goal is to develop an innovative, sustainable system for the free contemporary dance scene in Heidelberg.

INTER-ACTIONS consists of four departments:

1. The production and artistic work of Edan Gorlicki

2. Co-exisTANZ – a coworking dance studio for all Heidelberg movement artists.

3. BUILDING-ACTIONS – a community outreach program fostering the exchange between the general public and dance artists.

4. THINKING-ACTIONS – a platform for interdisciplinary exchange of the professional cultural sector in the Rhein-Neckar metropolitan region.

It is possible (and even encouraged) to apply for multiple positions. 

If you are interested, please write a short email introducing yourself to: including: What position/positions you are interested in and why? And what do you believe qualifies you for the job? All details will be discussed in a personal talk.

We stand for diversity and welcome all applications – independent of gender, nationality, ethnic or social backgrounds, religion, worldview, age and sexual orientation or identity. We are aware that no curriculum is perfect and don’t insist on applicants to already be able to know and do everything. 

  • being part of an international, young and equally valued team.
  • exciting diverse activities within a newly formed non-profit cultural institution.
  • scheduling flexibility considering your personal needs and fair payment.
  • possibilities to further strengthen your professional career and actively take part in structuring INTER-ACTIONS as a newly formed company. 


Tasks: Maintaining contact with representatives of the press, cooperation partners and the audience, producing and publishing newsletters, website updates and social media content (photo/video) in collaboration with users of the Co-exisTANZ studio.

This is a new position, therefore, also an opportunity to develop a social media concept for the company altogether.

Requirements: Both English and German at a fluent spoken and written level

Period: January 2022-December 2024 

Tasks: communication with theatres, schedule organization, payments, contracts, financial supervision, booking travel and accommodations. Communication with artistic team in close collaboration with artistic director, company management and production management. 

Some dates are already fixed starting January 2022. Therefore, position starts as soon as possible. Working remote is possible!

Requirements: Both English and German at a fluent spoken and written level

Timeframe: Januar 2022 – end of July 2022

Tasks: organizing bank transfers and making the general budget reports in close collaboration with company management

Timeframe: Januar 2022- Dezember 2024 

Would you like to work in close contact with artists and communities?

Tasks: sustain communications with artists working in the studio, creatively support artistic needs, sustain communications with neighbors in the building, organize studio infrastructure e.g., trash and cleaning. Supervise studio scheduling in close cooperation with the company management.

Requirements: Must be flexible to be present on site.

Both English and German at a fluent spoken and written level

Timeframe: Januar 2022- Dezember 2024 

Do you have experience in realizing artistic projects? Do you have knowledge of the German cultural funding system? Do you know how to prepare contracts? And do you like to share your experience and knowledge with others?

Tasks: Counseling and supporting artists of the Co-exisTANZ studio with the aim to foster artistic development of artists.

Requirements: Both English and German at a fluent spoken and written level

Timeframe: Januar 2022- Dezember 2024