20.04. Sharing Works / with Lorenzo Ponteprimo

The format Sharing Works, developed in Heidelberg in 2022, brings people together: Dance artists with creatives from other disciplines, people who make art and their audience. Come by, meet new people, discover creative work and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere!

Eintritt frei.

Language Support

At the Sharing Works evenings, English or German will be spoken most of the time. If you do not speak one of the languages, the conference interpreters and translators Hannah Marie Kehl and Vanessa Knies will assist you. You need translation in one of the two languages? Don’t hestitate to talk to us.

Interested to join yourself?

Are you interested in being part of it and presenting your work in a 15-minute presentation? Get in touch at thinking-actions@inter-actions.de

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The work of INTER-ACTIONS combines the artistic language of the choreographer Edan Gorlicki with the goal of having a creative impact on the city of Heidelberg and serving as a platform for various target groups. With THINKING-ACTIONS, the company would like to establish even closer contacts with various institutions, initiatives, associations and activists in Heidelberg.

As a dance company INTER-ACTIONS creates the network project THINKING-ACTIONS with the aim of finding new connections in Heidelberg. In a first step, we research, look for commonalities and new opportunities for exchange. Our long-term vision is a series of events with new and diverse partners. In line with our structure, we would like to develop this platform in a flowing, organic process together with our community and our partners. Therefore we would like to visit you and your facilities, get to know you better and learn more about your work.

We would like to use the summer and fall of 2022 to establish even closer contacts with a wide variety of institutions, initiatives, associations and activists from Heidelberg.

Meet with us, tell us about your experiences and ideas. You don’t have to come from the dance world or the cultural scene for this.

What do you offer the people in Heidelberg? What is dance for you and what new opportunities for cooperation or networks can you think of?

The meeting is an approximately one-hour individual get-to-know-you session to find new potential for interdisciplinary exchange. All of this is open-ended – but we hope to get inspiration for future projects and collaborations.

Write to us at thinking-actions@inter-actions.de and make an appointment with us!

We look forward to hearing from you!