Dancing Our Stories is connecting different people through contemporary dance and storytelling with each other – first in a safer space and eventually publically on a digital platform. This artistic collaboration between Migration Hub Heidelberg, Inter-Actions and the TikTok program #CreatorsForDiversity is centering around the body and how history manifests in it.

Which stories can be told through the body and what experiences are articulated in this process? How are different bodies politicized and how can movement function as language of expression? How can we interrupt the art world that excludes these stories? (In)visible, body-centered, abstract, fast, still. Movement is dance, social life is a performance, together we want to create a safer space for our stories.

Our target audience are people who reflect the diversity of our city Heidelberg. We especially want to offer space for people who’s stories are often unheard or ignored, for instance BIPoC (Black, Indigenous People of Color), people with experience of displacement, Muslims, Jews, teenagers, senior citizens, disabled people, and people from the LGBTQIA+ community. Together we want to try out a new digital stage, disrupt the artwold and use the platform TikTok to unite different people through the histories of their moving bodies.

Follow us on TikTok @dancingourstories.

Migration Hub Heidelberg

Mariam, Ahmad, Jing, Daniel, H., Diane, Aïda, Sumeyya

Anna Feldbein, Y. Yaşar

Edan Gorlicki

Leonardo Rodrigues

Sumeyya Soylu (Social Media Manager & TikTok Content), Kristina Scheuermann (Campaign-Management), Eva-Maria Steinel (PR Inter-Actions)

İsmail Metin

Se McCarty

TikTok Germany and the Program #CreatorsForDiversity