The Players questions social status, manipulation, and peoples’ intentions. It is a test of power through the form of a game. However, “playing” the game is not always what it seems. Inspired by the horrifying yet magnetic charisma of psychopaths The Players hilariously explores the cruel but often effective force of manipulation strategies.

Edan Gorlicki

Jasmine Ellis, Mayke van Kruchten, Evandro Pedroni, Michelle Cheung

Helena Volkov, Pasquale Lombardi, Zoe Gyssler, Moreno Perna, Francesco Barba, Mayke van Kruchten, Evandro Pedroni and Jasmine Ellis

Jan Fedinger

Amos Ben-Tal

Eva-Maria Steinel

Loeki Wiefferink / Ingo Jooß

The Players is a production of INTER-ACTIONS in coproduction with the Grand Theatre Groningen.
Supported by the Choreographisches Centrum Heidelberg and Theater Felina-Areal Mannheim.

Funded by the Kunstraad Groningen, Choreographisches Centrum Heidelberg, The cultural department of the city of Mannheim and the ESSER foundation.